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  • Wildlife and Myth Valentines
  • Wildlife and Myth Valentines
  • Wildlife and Myth Valentines

Wildlife and Myth Valentines


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This 24 card package includes 2 cards of each print in both the wildlife and myth collections and 24 red envelopes.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, Fidoodle would like to give back a little bit of love.

20% of each valentine card purchase goes to the "Shannen's Dream" campaign here in Canada.   New schools and improvements are needed in so many reserve communities in Canada.

Here is a tiny bit of information about the campaign taken from the First Nations Children and Family Caring society of Canada.

"Many First Nations schools receive less funding per student than provincial and territorial schools, and zero dollars for things like libraries, computers, languages or extracurricular activities. Many also do not provide a safe and appropriate learning environment, and may pose serious health concerns, including mold contamination, high carbon dioxide levels, rodent infestations, sewage, and inadequate or lack of heating."

"There are 803 schools located on reserve (Rajekar & Mathilakath, 2009). Of these, 726 schools are listed as permanent structures and 77 are listed as temporary structures (e.g. portables). According to the 2009 PBO report, only 49% of First Nations schools were considered in 'good condition' with 21% that were not inspected at all (Rajekar & Mathilakath, 2009)."

from fncaringsociety.com  (information sheet 2)

Please visit their website for more information.



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